The Next Chapter

It’s been three months since Elgin crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.  There still is not a day goes by that I don’t think of him.  The silence of the house was deafening, and overpowering without him.  I cleaned all the slobbers I could find, laundered all the bedding, threw away all the worn-out toys, and packed everything into storage.  And then an opportunity crossed our paths and we couldn’t let it pass…. Binda.


Binda's first week Aug 2013 (33)

(Let me explain the naming convention:  all of our dogs are “watch” dogs, and so we’ve had a succession of different brands…the boxers were “Seiko” and “Swatch”, and then there was “Elgin”, so now we’ve got “Binda”, a relatively new watch company. )

Her temperament couldn’t be further from Elgin’s.  Whereas Elgin was very aloof, very businesslike, loved to check out every loud noise, and only  his family knew the signs of his affection (he let us love on him), Binda is quite shy, easily startled, scared of loud noises and people, but super affectionate.  We’ve dubbed her “Binda the Brave”, in hopes she’ll grow into her name.



Binda's first week Aug 2013 (19)


She ran and hid from her first squirrel encounter here, and I’m sure the squirrel was quite thrilled that his scolding elicited such a great response.  He has since boldly buried acorns in every potted plant I have outside, with no fear of danger.

Taking her for a walk around the neighborhood was a punishment worse than death, in hear eyes. Luckily she’s food-motivated, and we made it to the park and back without completely falling to pieces.

Any loud noise would send her scurrying.



She’s enjoying her walks much more!  Has met many new people, although very tentatively, and she chased a squirrel on our walk this morning!  It’s going to take time and work, but she’s a very smart pup, and is also very eager to please.  She’s already potty trained and rings a bell to be let outside.  She knows “Sit” and has a tenuous grasp on “Down”.  We’re also working on “Stay.

Binda's first week Aug 2013 (38)

The best part?  She’s healthy.  While I have great gratitude and respect for this wonderful Tripawd community, I hope never to have to post any bad news here.  I may post from time to time about the “Elbow Saver” I’ve made for the protection of those bony joints that get hygromas (looked into a patent, putting it off indefinitely until I figure out when/how to move forward).  But I hope I never have to post pictures of a 3-legged Binda.

Sending you all warm wishes,

Binda’s family

Binda's first week Aug 2013 (14)

Binda's first week Aug 2013 (17)

12 thoughts on “The Next Chapter”

  1. Ohhhh it is sooooo good to hear from you! I think about Elgin so oftern! That mug of his just melts hearts!

    I always loved that you created a bucket list for him and made sure you figuredout ways for him to accomplishit. And it touched my heart how you made a sandvox for him to dig in…..and dig he did even as he was slowing down!

    Elgin picked out an adorable puppy for you! I LOVE her! And I love how you pick out the names! So cute! Is “Timex” before your time? You’ll have to get her a playmate and go with that name!

    I keep scrolling backup and look at her pictures because she is so darn cute! And the “commentary” is perfect!! Mr. Squirrel better be careful though……one day………

    I’m so happy for this new bundle of joy in your life! Elgin would always want you to be surrounded by the joy and love that only a dog can give us! I remember I cried so hard at the loss of heroic Elgin. And now I have tears of joy for you and Binda. This is one loved pup and I can’t wait to here more about her journey!

    PLEASE stay cnnected! Share more memories of Elgin and share all the memories in the making with Binda!

    Did you see the 2014 Photo Calendar Contest? Please consider posting Elgin’s photo and Binda’s too! Those mugs need to be in our calendar!

    Know that we will NEVER forget Elgin and the bond the two of you shared! That’s infinite!

    Love and light to all!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    1. Dear, dear Sally and Happy Hannah, it’s nice to hear from you too.
      We thought about Timex a long time ago, but it just never fit.
      Thanks for suggesting the calendar. I’ll go check it out and see if i can find a photo of Elgin that might be a good candidate.
      I hope you’re well and that everyone is healthy and happy there!

  2. Congrats on the new addition! You have inspired me to add ‘the brave’ to quad pug Obie’s name with the same hope you have. I adopted Obie to keep Maggie’s little sis Tani company just 5 weeks after Mag passed. Obie was 4 at the time and did not have a good start in life. He is a relatively small pug who has been terrorized by teacup varieties of dogs, and I’m fairly certain he would flee in terror from a squirrel. He does however seem better around bigger dogs. Maybe we should introduce Binda and Obie : )
    I believe it is a sign of healing when you can open your home to another pack member. Elgin will always have a place in your heart, but your heart is big enough now for Binda too.
    Please keep posting pictures as she grows, I have to know if she grow into her ears!

    1. Karen, thank you for your congratulations. And let’s both keep our fingers crossed that “the Brave” brings just that to our pups! Poor Obie; those little ones can be really awaful sometimes. There’s a teeny Chihuahua that just moved in across the street from us, and has an attitude bigger than an elephant. As timid as Binda is, she has shown signs of not backing down from this little ankle-biter, and some day, she may just open her mouth and he’ll pop right in! I hope not!
      I’ll try to post from time to time, so y’all can see her as she grows into those ears. She’s gained 10lbs in 2 weeks, so it shouldn’t be long!

  3. WE have so much love in our hearts for our four legged kids.. it’s a shame to now let it pour out into another!! CONGRATS!!! on your new addition!!! Binda the Beautiful!!!
    someone once said to me here.. or in the chat room, I can’t remember cause I’ve hit 50 and my memory is like a sieve.. lol
    “puppies bring happiness”
    Yes.. yes they do… they never replace, they just add another chapter to our book of life filled with dogs!!

    Christine…. with Franklin in her heart♥

  4. Welcome Binda. We have lots of love to give to everyone who brings another dog into their pack. Congrats. You are always welcome in the family and we hope Binda never has to be a tripawd either. She is a cutie.

    Once a Tripawd pack member always a member

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  5. Stupid computer cut me off! I must be borrowing Happy Hannah’s computer. 🙂 I was going to say that I LOVE that last photo!! Is Binda running from a squirrel? 😉

    1. Thanks, Maximutt, for your warm wishes. Funny comment on the last picture… I hadn’t thought of that, but it would fit! “HELP! THERE’S A SQUIRREL OUT HERE!”

  6. Oh OH I’m in LOVE!!!! Congrats on Bindia, she is the most adorable “Watch dog” ever! That is really cute by the way…watch dog. Hahahaha!

    I’m so thrilled for all of you, it’s wonderful to be able to open up your hearts to a whole new adventure with a completely new pawsonality in the house, isn’t it? And boy she sure looks like she’s got a lot of that.

    Yay! I can read between the lines and it’s all about the JOY in your family these days. And I too hope you never ever have to deal with the cancer ordeal ever again!!


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