Elgin’s amputation is scheduled…

Wow, that happened fast. UC Davis called this morning to say that I could bring him tomorrow morning for the initial consult, then they could do the amputation in the afternoon. Depending on how he recovers, we can pick him up Wednesday or Thursday. I am so glad to have this finally scheduled.  He’s been limping around, dangling it and generally looking miserable.  Last night we ordered ababy gate for the stairs, new pad for his crate, and hallway runners so he won’t slip on the hardwood floors. Today we orderd a ramp for him to go up into the back of the vehicle, and got a nice, big, washable bed to put in the room wherever we are so he can be with us. we discovered over the past two days that we need to put a sign on our front door so people won’t ring the doorbell or knock.. we have a very social neighborhood and everyone comes and goes frequently. Elgin is the perpetual guard dog and is ALWAYS there when someone comes over. These mastiff breeds are so stoic with their pain…  when someone is at the door, he gets all bouncy and agitated, not showing the immense pain he’s going through until the person is either gone or sits down to visit with us.

While I am very nervous about putting Elgin through all of this, I am confident he will be more comfortable after the limb is gone.

I gave him a bath and trimmed his toenails tonight.  He’s very handsome.  We showed the boys pictures of dogs just after they’d had a limb amputated, hoping to lessen the shock of how awful it’s going to look.  We stressed how imporant it is to have positive thoughts. At 19 and 13 they get it. I guess they’re not exactly boys anymore, but this is a big deal and we feel everyone should be as prepared as possible.

I tried to take a few pictures of the leg with the tumor. It’s just above the hock on his left back leg.

We appreciate everyone who is pulling for Elgin. 

9 thoughts on “Elgin’s amputation is scheduled…”

  1. Elgin is a very good looking boy. He won’t know himself when he gets rid of that horrible, painful leg.

    It sounds like you have everything in good order. Good luck! We will be thinking of you.

    Karen and Spirit Magnum

  2. What a handsome boy!! It’s best to get things done quickly, and it is going to look different, but your boy will adapt quickly because he’s probably not even using it at this point. For the humans in your family, it may take a while to adjust to his new look, but I’m sure everyone will be fine after a week or so. Best of luck! I’ll be saying prayers and thinking of you all!

  3. Wow, Elgin IS a handsome pup! We’re sorry you are dealing with cancer, it’s a ruff journey at first but once that bum leg is gone you will be so glad to get the amputation over with.

    Plus, you are in GREAT hands at Davis. That’s where I had my surgery! Can’t ask for better care, those folks are terrific.

    We send all our best for a non-eventful surgery and a speedy recovery. Your boy will do fine, you’ll see. We’ve had lots of mastiffs at Tripawds, and they are pretty pawesome, just like Elgin!

    Keep us posted.

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I’m confident he will feel much better and we can get him healed up quickly without any phantom pain or bad infections.

    1. Thank you for helping me with this. SOmetimes the technical stuff gets a little over my head. I appreciate it. I was getting tired looking at just his right ear when I logged in. Now I can see all of him!

  4. Good luck to Elgin! Hoping for a smooth surgery and a speedy and happy recovery. Our Hunter lost his right rear leg because of osteosarcoma on May 30th… and he can still out swim his “sister”! You will be just amazed at their strength and ability to overcome with 3 legs. “Dogs have 3 legs and a spare!”
    And thank you for the photos, they will be helpful to others.

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