More about the laser, birthday celebration, a few chuckles…

I need to start this post by thanking all the Veterans, for the selfless committment to our country.   Veteran’s Day is not merely another bank/post-office holiday.  Thank you.

Elgin’s infected callous is doing well.  He is having laser treatments three times a week and is on antibiotics twice a day.

Here is some more information on the laser the vet is using to help accelerate healing:

It is called “The Companion Therapy Laser” by LiteCure. It is an FDA-cleared, deep-penetrating light, which allows relief of pain through the release of endorphins and stimulates the injured cells to heal at a faster rate. It is a type of cold laser, which promotes blood flow to the affected area.  Following treatment, swelling and pain is reduced to allow the medication to reach the affected area.

You can investigate for yourself at

This week we have Elgin’s 4th chemotherapy treatment on Wednesday, and on Thursday, I will bake a doggy cake and we will celebrate Elgin’s 5th birthday. I’ve never been quite that foofy about my pets’ birthdays (altho I have been known to put silly hats and things on Elgin for the holidays and share the pictures online), but this year has been a doozy, and we think it merits a special birthday celebration.

We are so thankful we made the decision to amputate, as we still have him with us to celebrate this year.  Had we not, in all probability he would be in heaven, or at the best, drugged up on pain meds and on restricted physical activity. Not what we consider good quality of life. Not for him, not for us.


On a funnier note, this morning when I brought Elgin to the vet for the laser treatment, I could hear the staff laughing in the back room, where the treatment was being done.  One by one the staff would go back there, look in the room, and start to chuckle.  The vet, a very quiet, no-nonsense, reserved man, came up to the front desk where I was waiting, and said “I know what to get Elgin for Christmas…”

“What?” I said.

“A cat.”

Evidently, a cat had just been neutered and was still out cold, in a cage in the back room, at eye-level with Elgin.  Elgin has a very high prey drive and he had fixated on the sleeping kitty and stood there frozen, oblivious to everything else going on.


Have a great week, everyone.