Elgin’s home!

We picked up Elgin this afternoon.  It was sure nice to see him again, and it was obvious he wanted outta there!  They loved him there, said he was a great patient, and that he did amazingly well with the surgery, anesthesia, and his willingness to get up and move around after surgery, especially since he’s a big dog.

They walked him out to our vehicle, and I was shocked at how well he hopped along!  He did have to sit and rest 3 times, because that back leg is not used to bearing all his weight back there like that. They supported his abdomen with a rolled-up sheet.  The ramp we got worked well, and he used it well, once we planted his front paws on it.

When we got home we put the Ruff Wear harness on him before he came out of the vehicle, and helped him down the ramp.  He went right to the grass and peed for a loooooooooooonnnnnng time.  As of tonight, he still hasn’t poo-ed. We are a little concerned, even though they assured us he may go as long as 5 days without poo-ing.

Once inside the house, he went right to his bed in front of the sliding glass door.  Then he appeared to want to go outside, so we helped him out.  He didn’t seem to have an agenda, just aimless wandering, or maybe he was just checking out his yard. Either way, we were growing concerned that he was overdoing it. The instructions they sent home with us specified he was to remain as quiet as possible, only getting up to go potty or eat/drink.  This is for two weeks.  We need to get a large pen like they use at dogshows, and set it up in the livingroom so he doesn’t attempt to wander around the house (as he’s done since he was a little puppy; he’s always “patrolled” ).

There is no dressing to change, but we do have to watch for oozing. The bruising is pretty impressive, and looks horrible.  But his eyes are bright and alert, and he doesn’t appear to be in pain. His meds have been reduced from what he was on pre-amp. Now it’s just Tramadol and Rimadyl.

It has been so nice, the support from friends, family, and strangers…. in addition to texts, emails, and FaceBook postings asking for updates on his progress, one neighbor brought us wine, and another met us in the driveway tonight with doggie treats.  We feel really surrounded by good stuff.

7 thoughts on “Elgin’s home!”

  1. Yea for being home! That is impressive bruising- Maggie had dark skin so it was not so noticeable.
    Maggie didn’t poop until day 5 or 6- I think a combo of the pain meds being constipating, and the fact that she hadn’t eaten much in a few days.
    Good luck with recovery- I hope it is smooth.
    Come on over to the forums if you have any questions or just want to share Elgin with a bigger Tripawds audience.

    Karen and the pugapalooza

  2. Dakota lost his front leg, but that looks very much like his bruising on about day 3. I guess for an amputation, it’s pretty typical for many dogs.

    It’s great to have him home, I’m sure. You all have a lot of new stuff to get used to, but at least he’s there where he belongs.

    We worry enough about the first pees and poops that we have parties when they happen, so make sure to tell us when he finally goes. Any excuse around here! And if you want to try him without the inflatable collar, you can put boxer shorts on him (tail through the fly) to see if that keeps him from bothering the incision.

    Great update!


  3. What a trooper Elgin is! The fact that his eyes are bright and alert says a lot! Wow….he does have some serious bruising!! Glad to hear that you don’t think he’s in pain. Hope his recovery time flies by…..two weeks is a loooong time to keep him quiet and resting!!

    Our Charlie had his left front leg amputated last Monday 8/27. We brought him home Tuesday. He doesn’t have nearly the bruising (unless it’s yet to come) He’s doing well and has been eating and drinking, but we were also worried he hasn’t pooped since the surgery. I’m glad to hear this is not uncommon 🙂 I read online that post-surgery pureed pumpkin can help. We started that today along with lots of water. Crossing my fingers!! I’m going to post his post-op pics on his blog soon.

  4. Wow, that is some impressive bruising. But sounds like Elgin is going really well. Don’t be too worried about the pooping. It can take a few days.

    Karen and Spirit Magnum

  5. Lookin’ good Elgin, you’ve got quite the battle scar! It sounds like a pretty typical, healthy recovery is going on, I have my paws crossed that it will continue.

    As for not pooping…oh yeah, it’ll happen! You can move things along with a little olive oil or even bran flakes in his food.

  6. HI all, Elgin pooped! I’ll post a new blog, but i wanted to respond to some of the comments.
    Karen, when I figure out how to maneuver through this technology I will come over to the forums… I was looking last night for the post from the Admin that told me how to upload photos better, but I must have deleted it… silly.
    Shari, thank you for the reminder about the boxer shorts!!! We will definitely do that, as the collar just doesn’t seem comfy. Charliewarlie, good luck on your journey…we tried the pumpkin this morning and hope it helps soften things a little. Thanks all, for your enthusiastic support!

    1. Yay Elgin!! I think the pumpkin worked for us!! Charlie just pooped to!! He really couldn’t figure out all the joy and jubilation over his accomplisment!! I was dancing with delight and praising him.

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