Elgin’s progress – day two – he poo-ed!

First, let me be clear, I won’t be blogging every time he blinks or farts or twitches a muscle.  BUT, this is important. ELGIN POO-ED.

When we brought him home yesterday we let him check out the house and yard and worried later that we’d let him overexert himself. We’d walked him around, holding him by his harness and the sheet under his abdomen supporting him too, but we worried anyway.  The night was a little restless for him and I slept on the couch nearby.  Good thing, too, because he clearly wanted to climb up and sleep there, in his usual spot.

This morning we took him out to potty, and he really seemed sore and very hesitant to move foreward.  We were dismayed that we let him do so much yesterday. So very, very slowly we made our way to the potty area.  He peed, then just stood there on trembling legs, looking around.  Finally we decided to drop the harness and take the sheet away and see what he wanted to do.  Kicked him outta the nest, so to speak.  He looked around and hopped off at a decent speed, and POO-ED!  He strained a bit, and it was pretty hard in consistency, but he did a respectable amount, twice!  Taught us that we were feeling way more sorry for him than we should have. We are still going to try and limit his activities, but it seems he needs to do things more on his own, with out us hovering like a helicopter.

We have left the harness on since he came home, in case we need to grab it in a hurry. I think we’ll leave it on for a little while yet, as he’s still a bit shakey and staggers into things. His aim is a little off when he goes to lay down, and usually gets just his front half on the bed.

He is eating ok, and so we did add pumpkin to his food this morning, hoping to soften up the stools. We are letting him eat and drink in the house.  This is a pretty big deal. Dogues tend to amass about a gallon of liquid and debris in their lips so that when they shake their heads they get maximum coverage on the walls. I’m not too tickled about the upcoming “slobber patrol” I’ll be doing.

There have been such nice comments from everyone, and the helpful hints are much appreciated.

Elgin is clearly more comfortable at home, and lord knows we are happier having him back home with us. I know you all know THAT feeling!

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    1. Hello elgin,and hello to your Mom and Dad too.
      first, Im very new to this sight, as fenway (my golden) is having his amputation surgery this Tuesday Sept 4, 2012, I was hoping you could help me with some questions I have.

      Can I first say Elgin is very handsome, and I love his bowtie 🙂

      Enough of the formalities, can you tell me leg he had amputated? and How many days has it been since the surgery? (looks like just a few) and how much does Elgin weigh?

      Fenway was diagnosed on August 1, 2012. After several visits to several doctors, we settled on the amputation surgery to buy him more time with his sister (Macy) and us. Im a little nervous, because he is such a big boy (110#) and Im worried he wont get around well.
      Every person I have spoken to has said they bounce back quickly , and he is barely using his leg now, but Im still scared.
      Could you help me out?
      I know in my heart we are doing the best thing for him…but If you could share your story with me…Id sure appreciate it.
      My email is suelatham917@gmail.com
      And im not too tech savvy, so even if you respond here….Im afraid I wont be able to chat back and forth.
      Please and Thank you….
      Goldenmama aka Sue L

      1. HI Sue,
        I’ll email you as well, but here are more details about Elgin and his amputation:
        We noticed on July 27th that he was limping and his back left leg appeared swollen just above the hock. My husband took him to the vet and X-rays revealed a probably osteosarcoma. Other visits and consultations ensued, and even after visiting UC Davis and hearing their evaluation and diagnosis of him (Osteosarcoma), we decided to simply treat the pain and say goodbye when it became too much. The increase in quantity and type of pain meds made no impact on his pain, and the very next day after our visit to Davis, he was limping worse than ever. We made a tough decision to amputate that back left leg, so that even though it may only get us one more year with him, it would be largely pain-free. He weighed about 145, and is a heavily-built Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff). We were (and still are) a bit concerned at his one remaining back leg bearing all the weight on its own. However, he is not very overweight, and if we reduce his food intake just a little, he should be even more trim, thus getting around easier. We are playing it by ear right now… his leg was amputated on Tues, Aug 28.
        Hope this helps! Good luck to you and Fenway!

        1. oh Thank you Ann!!
          Fenway has the front right leg issue….We originally thought we would just treat the pain, and let him “live out his life” but I realized I just didnt want to say goodbye…and he isnt ready to go either…His sister will/would be lost without him, so we decided to do the amputation….Im excited, and Im scared, but one thing is for sure, this leg has to go….He hobbles, and barely uses it already….Im praying he bounces right back, and knowing him, he will (he had knee replacement surgery january 2011….1 day after the surgery, he was trying to run down the driveway…the doctor told us he would be limping, and sore for at least 2 weeks….ummmm, not so)
          So I am optomistic he will do well with this too.
          Thanks again for the info…..Tripawds is such an amazing community..
          Good night, and kiss Elgin for us.

          1. Hey elgin, and Ann.
            Wanted to let you know Fenway’s surgery went really well.
            The doctor called this morning, and he told me how well he was doing. In fact, He said Fen was running on 3 legs last night. And already mastered the laying, standing up thing. I know its early, and I know he could have setbacks….But right now, this mama is as high as a kite on happiness.
            Thank you for your help, and insight. I really appreciate it.
            Sue ( Fenway, Macy, and David) too

  1. oh elgin, i like you! i snuffle around outside and collect as much stuff in my chops as i can and then leave it all over the place. my favorite place is against somebody’s leg but the couch is good too. i am glad you are feeling better and learning to poop with only one leg to help back there. my roommate has one leg in front and it can be hard for him, too. but soon you will feel great and run and play.


  2. Hi Ann,
    I started to email you this am, and got a call from the doctor.
    So, I will update you. Yes Fenway is running. It sure isnt pretty, and he nearly stumbled (I think because he cant master the stop part of the run?!) Scary, very scary for Me. But with the doctors assistance, we got him in the van.
    My dear friend Sue drove us home, and Fenny was his usual self…i.e. the car moving = he is laying down. The car stops = he tries to sit up. We got home, and he popped up, and immediately tried to get out of the van. A few herky, jerky steps, and he was tying to run again…I think he cant go slow yet, its probably harder to do so….so his choice, much to my dismay, is 60 mph.
    We walked inside, with my assistance, and he went to the water bowl and drank, and drank, and drank. (phew)
    Then we got him on his bed, and somewhat comfortable, and he settled right in.
    Next was pill time. He literally opened his mouth like a baby bird. He was sooo hungry. Pills went down with peanut butter, and a few biscuits followed. Taking our time before giving him large amounts of food, even though he is quite hungry.
    Thankfully he is resting now. He seems very content. Im sure being in his regular sorroundings is a big help.

    Thanks again for your help. Kiss Elgin from us.

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