Elgin’s progress

 Sept 5, 2012

Elgin is progressing nicely.  His razor burn is looking much better, and he’s getting around quite well!  I still sleep on the couch to make sure he doesn’t climb up there in the night, and also because I’m worried he’ll fall over or get stuck behind a chair or something.  I will soon go back to my own bed, after I’m sure he knows completely how to manage himself.  We bought a pen for him and I set that up in the living room yesterday and put his donut collar on so he wouldn’t lick his incision (I’ve caught him at it a few times now), and actually got in a few hours of work!

This morning, Elgin went to the front door and nudged his collar and leash… a clear sign he wanted to “Browndog”. (that’s what we call it when the 3 brown dogs on our street get together for their twice-weekly walk) Obviously he isn’t up to that yet, in fact, he’s not even up to having visitors yet, because he might get too excited and bouncy. So I compromised and let him lay on the front lawn.  He seemed perfectly content, and even managed to lay right in a small patch of sunlight.

Next Tuesday he gets his stitches out on 9/11, and also will start chemo that day.

Now, time to get back to work.

4 thoughts on “Elgin’s progress”

  1. That is wonderful news Elgin and Family.
    The lounging on the lawn seems like a lovely compromise. (although the Browndog sounds like a bit more fun, for now its perfect)
    Glad he is doing well.
    Tonight, I start my sleeping on the couch routine. Just to keep an eye on him, and just to be sure he isnt whining, or in pain. I cant imagine I will sleep too well, but I will survive. If they can get thru amputation surgery, we can live without s lot of sleep.
    Best of luck to you all.
    Sue, Fenway and Macy

    1. Lookin’ good Mr. Elgin!!! You will up to Browndoggin soon enough.

      Hugs to you both,
      Samdog and his mom

  2. Hey Elgin, you’ve got this recovery thing down.

    We’re so glad you came here to blog about it, you are an inspawration to us all, and many more to come.

  3. Glad to hear Elgin is making progress!! I’m sure he appreciated some lawn time. It will be wonderful with he gets stitches out!! Hope the Chemo doesn’t get him down…. love seeing photos and getting updates!!

    Charlie & mom

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