Swollen leg – side effect?

Hello all,

Now a question for all you recovering tripawds…

Elgin was doing extremely well, and still is very perky, very hungry, and moving around fantastically.  However, yesterday afternoon we noticed is right leg (the one through which the chemo was administered) was noticeably swollen.  Starting at the wrist, all the way to his elbow, it is swollen to about an inch and a half thicker in circumference than the other leg.  We tried to see if he was limping; it’s really hard to tell, when his normal gait is so humpy now without that back leg.  We asked him to walk, but he kept cavorting around, playfully!

We phoned the on-call vet at UC Davis and described what was going on, and she recommended that if his demeanor continued to be good, to monitor him overnight.  We did this. This morning he is still very perky, hungry, and again, doesn’t appear to favor it at all. Leg is still noticeably swollen, and possibly a tad bigger.

We will be phoning the vet again in a few minutes, but I wanted to put this out there to see if anyone else has had this happen…


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  1. After a visit to UCD, we came home with no definitive diagnosis, but Elgin is now on a two week course of antibiotics. The swelling seems to be maintaining, and possibly going down slightly. He is still in good spirits has good appetite, and doesn’t seem to be favoring it. I guess we’ll wait and see how this plays out.

  2. Glad to hear it is nothing to serious.

    You might consider posting in the forums if you want to see if anyone else had this happen.

    Karen and the pugapalooza

    1. Been trying to find “Forums” but it says I have to register… do I need to make another site to be on the forums? I’m already logged in…

  3. Hope Elgin’s swelling isn’t anything serious. Glad to see he’s getting back to his old self, and isn’t experiencing pain or side effects.

    Love all the pics. He’s quite a character!!

    Funny how Elgin waits for help on the stairs. Our Charlie (almost 8 weeks post-op front leg) has totally regained his independence BUT he won’t climb stairs unless I’m right behind him. I thought he was wanting help with that first step, but the minute I’m behind him, he’ll make the first awkward step and gain momentum to go barreling up the rest. I’ve tried coaxing him up from the landing, but no……he wants someone right there beside him. I guess it gives him a sense of security.

    Keep us posted on Elgin and the swelling. Wish I knew more about Chemo side effects.

    Charlie (and mom)

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