Third chemo tx and chest X-rays…check!

Today was Elgin’s third chemo treatment, and he also got his lungs X-rayed again to see if any mets have grown there.  The results were good – all clear!

As his treatments continue, he’s really endeared himself to some of the staff at UC Davis.  I suppose they feel fondly about alot of their patients, but it doesn’t hurt that he’s incredibly cute and unusual looking.  The breed (Dogue de Bordeaux) is still relatively rare in these parts.  At his previous treatment, the tech who came out to get him and describe his treatment plan for the day said that she was seriously considering getting a DDB for her next dog, because she’d fallen in love with Elgin, as had many of the techs in “the back”.  Today the same tech came out to greet us. She also brought him back out to us (after only 3 hours this time! Yay!) and admitted that she was still in love with him, and that she “spooned” with him, lying on the floor with him while he received his chemo.  No wonder he seems happy to go there!

We discussed with the doctor his swollen leg issue from the previous treatment, and she assured us that they did extra flushing of his veins this time, in the hopes of avoiding this happening again. We will be watching him closely to see if this works.  He was one tired tripawd when he got home, and hopped directly into his crate.  Originally it was to extort a treat from us, but once in there, he remembered how comfy and safe it feels and he ended up staying in there for a snooze.

Daily, Elgin amazes us.  He’s laying more equally on his leg-less side, and now hops out of the vehicle without using the ramp. Especially when we get to UCD, he bounds out and hops immediatly to the grass.  Of course this could be because it’s a 90+ minute ride to get there and he has to pee like a racehorse once we park. Our original vet is amazed that a bulky mastiff like Elgin has done so well.  Elgin doesn’t much like going there, to our original vet, by the way.  He sits in the vehicle and just looks out and I have to ORDER him to get out.  Then he is very hesitant about going in.  I don’t think they spoon with him there.  The vet told me two weeks ago that Elgin, at 128lbs, could stand to lose 4 lbs, and that it would make getting around easier for him. So I agreed to try to reduce his intake.  Evidently we all like to give him treats more than we realized, because he GAINED 4lbs in a week’s time and I got a stern look from the vet.  Today we consulted the vet at UCD and she said his weight was fine.  He could loose a pound or two, but he was pretty much at the optimal body condition.  Whew.  I don’t feel so badly now.  But we are still cutting back on his food a little, and are more conscious of when/how we give him treats.

We are hopping every single day now, nearly a mile round trip.  He rests in the park at the bottom of the hill for about 10 minutes before he tackles the steep incline to our house.

I think he knows it’s another holiday.  I’ve taken his picture, which he loves, despite the dour look on his face.

he gets lots of treats if he sits perfectly still.






The weather is coooling off, and we had our first tarantula come out and supervise my yardwork last weekend.  Elgin doesn’t give them much more than a sniff.  Now, the DEER that come around the backyard REALLY set him off, and he hops just as fast as he used to run, when he charges the fence to whuf at them.  He doesn’t bark, but does his odd coughing whuf that he’s done since he was little.

Well, I must end my novel here, and with that, we wish you all continued healing and happy times!


7 thoughts on “Third chemo tx and chest X-rays…check!”

  1. Great news Elgin. Looking incredibly handsome (even with that yucky spider on your head).
    Today was Fenway’s 3rd chemo treatment. He accidentally tore the first catheter out, so they administered it in his back leg….now he is limping 🙁
    However, after reading your post about swollen leg, I feel a little bit better about his limp.
    Love the description of his “bark” I can imagine the sound, and it makes me smile.

    Hugs and belly rubs to Elgin.
    Have a great day Ann

  2. Dear Goldenmamma,
    How sad he had the catheter troubles! I hope neither leg swells up. I bet it’s hard to see, with the longer fur on a golden. We researched online about reactions to chemo, and of course were scared witless about some of the stories. But the reassuring thing was that the reactions were noted while chemo was in progress, and Elgin’s was 3 days later. It still has not returned to normal size, but is not as big as it was. It is only noticeable to us, evidently, because UC Davis pronounced it free from swelling. We take measurements and compare, so we know precisely how swollen it is. It’s about 1-2 inches bigger in circumference than the other front leg. Again, he’s not favoring it, so I guess it’s ok. How bad is Fenway’s limp? Does icing it or administering Rimadyl help? We refilled our Rimadyl Rx, just in case he has this again. So far, after the last tx, that other front leg hasn’t swollen at all. Did Fenway get chest X-rays too?
    Hope everything is otherwise good for you all!

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